Memoirs of 26/324, Corporal Crosbie Claude [aka John or Jack Crosbie] TAYLOR

Memoirs of Jack Taylor

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Latest ATL Documents. Please read conditions below before opening this link.

ATL Docs 010315

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ATL Documents latest update. Please read the conditions below before opening this link

ATL Docs 010814

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Alexander Turnbull Library World War 1 Manuscripts

By opening this page the reader accepts and acknowledges the conditions of use indicated herein.

The content of documents, soldier’s names, and the names of their relatives and friends recorded in this database may be used for reference purposes only and are not authorized to be used for any commercial enterprise.

This database has been produced by the author Robert Joseph Cameron of Wellington, New Zealand in the hope that it may assist the families of researchers who are seeking the existence of any writings of, or mentions of, World War One soldiers to whom their forebears were related or their forebears had some form of friendship.

The documents referred to on this particular “Post” on the website are held in the Manuscripts Collection of the  Turnbull Library. The Turnbull holds New Zealand’s largest collection of World War I soldiers’ letters, diaries and other papers.

In most cases the information included under “Name” in the Cameron database adds to the Turnbull description. To see the original Turnbull description you can use the associated Turnbull reference number to search on the Turnbull’s online Tapuhi database for it’s unpublished collections:

For example: If you put

MS-Papers-2241 in the reference number field of the tapuhi database (being careful to include hyphens, exactly as is), you will bring up

Jervis, Vincent Gordon, d 1973. Diaries. May 1917-Nov 1918

and will be able to read a description of these diaries.

Reference to the Cameron database using the same “Reference”, will provide an extension to the personal information regarding the soldier including details of his army service number, his unit, his rank, and the date he departed for overseas service and the name and number of the troopship on which he traveled.  In most cases details of the date and name of the troopship on which he returned to New Zealand is also recorded. If the soldier’s personal Army File has been digitized, its size will be indicated.

Should the reader want to see the original manuscripts at the Turnbull, or obtain copies of them, then the Turnbull staff are happy to help. You can find out more about the Turnbull Library services at:

Finally, any reader must accept that this is a ‘work in progress’ project and is continually being updated as new data is obtained. Also, the spreadsheet may contain errors and omissions over which the author has no control.

I have read the above and agree to the conditions therein.

And now a few tips:

This version of this database is sorted in alphabetical order of the soldier’s name.

You will see that many of the entries are incomplete and many are highlighted in different colours. This is due to the ‘work in progress’ state of the entries and will be updated as new data is discovered.

If you wish to find a particular name quickly, use the Alt & F [Find] command and type in the required name; this will speed up the process

This can also be used if the name of the Alexander Turnbull Library Manuscript is known ie MS-Papers-6485-3.

The same process can be used for finding all documents related to a particular unit

ie NZFA, WIB, OMR or NZMC etc or an outgoing troop transport ship ie Maunganui.

You will know the freshness status of the file by the file name which is in the date style ATL Docs ddmmyy You can now open the following link. Happy hunting!

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ATL Documents

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Leslie Gower’s written material
















Gower Letters etc composite 1

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Excel File

This link leads to some of the letters, diaries an postcards I have in my personal collection along with a reference to some that are not in the Turnbull Library collection.

Happy viewing!

RJC’s WW1 Docs

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