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Gower Letters etc composite 1


About Kiwi Bob

I am a 82 year old male, retired broadcaster. For the last twelve years I have been checking out all of the letters, postcards and diaries which are held by the Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington and to some extent those held in the Auckland War Museum. As with many of these writings, particularily postcards, the identity of the writer is often very difficult as they often simply write "Dear Molly....."and finish with '...love from your brother Sam" and similar words. By carefully reading the content, the date and where the card came from, I can often put a name to the author. This new information is then added to the Library's database. The main reason for me doing this labour-of-love is to make it easier for people out there who may suddenly wonder if there is any writing by, or mention of, a long since passed-away soldier as the centenary of Gallipoli approaches. My success rate so far has been about 25% of previously unidentified names. I spend several hours per week at the Turnbull as well as the National Archives. The Archives holds about 75% of all WW1 NZ soldier's files and as I request to sight each file, it is digitized which enables anyone to view it. As it costs NZ$25.00 to order a file without actually visiting the Archives in Wellington, I am happy to order same on any members’ behalf at no cost, if I receive a request. With the permission of the Turnbull Library and the Auckland War Museum, I am hoping to soon include my Microsoft Excel database of my work on this page. I am attaching my own very small database of manuscripts, postcards, letters etc which are my property and nothing to do with the Turnbull Library or Auckland War Museum. Please contact me if you have any questions. Kiwi Bob
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10 Responses to Leslie Gower’s written material

  1. Allen George Boyle says:

    Wallpaper looks excellent, easy to access Gowers letters

  2. Allen George Boyle says:

    I cannot find the appendix showing the plan of Leslie’s trench/gun pit. I found photos of Grantully Castle on Google Image

  3. Sarndra says:

    Just seen the article on Close Up TV1. Fantastic job you’re doing as a labour of love. I can certainly appreciate where you are coming from – such an emotive topic and such a tangible link to the past.
    Warmest wishes

    • Kiwi Bob says:

      Hello Sarndra
      If I have not already replied to your message, my sincere apologies. My WordPress in-Box seems to have let me down in notifications and I seem to have missed heaps of comments. Again I apologise and thank you for your kind words.
      Cheers Kiwi Bob

  4. Rocky says:

    Hullo “Kiwi Bob” this response is nothing to do with your wonderful work of tracing lost friend’s (Though you have done well in this line of dedicated work). Bob I wish to sincerely “Thank you” for helping me in another way) Country Music. I had lost track of you, and always wanted to say Thank You, until I saw you on the programme of helping the families of fallen through defending their beliefs.
    You have the heart, and patients of the gentle man.(as alway’s) “Kiwi Bob – My e-mail address darockcountry@xtra.co.nz Rocky Don H – Take Care my friend until one day we can catch up. Regards Rocky

    • Kiwi Bob says:

      Rocky, what a nice surprise to hear from you. I still remember your “Gentle Mr Roseman” song with pleasure. Jope you are still performing and thanks for your kind words. Bob

  5. WOW just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for next

  6. Madeleine Rose says:

    Dear Bob, Thank you so much for these. I am Leslie’s great niece and I remember stories about Les. Its so sad and he was so young. My father was named after him. Regards Madeleine

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