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This link leads to some of the letters, diaries an postcards I have in my personal collection along with a reference to some that are not in the Turnbull Library collection.

Happy viewing!

RJC’s WW1 Docs


About Kiwi Bob

I am a 82 year old male, retired broadcaster. For the last twelve years I have been checking out all of the letters, postcards and diaries which are held by the Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington and to some extent those held in the Auckland War Museum. As with many of these writings, particularily postcards, the identity of the writer is often very difficult as they often simply write "Dear Molly....."and finish with '...love from your brother Sam" and similar words. By carefully reading the content, the date and where the card came from, I can often put a name to the author. This new information is then added to the Library's database. The main reason for me doing this labour-of-love is to make it easier for people out there who may suddenly wonder if there is any writing by, or mention of, a long since passed-away soldier as the centenary of Gallipoli approaches. My success rate so far has been about 25% of previously unidentified names. I spend several hours per week at the Turnbull as well as the National Archives. The Archives holds about 75% of all WW1 NZ soldier's files and as I request to sight each file, it is digitized which enables anyone to view it. As it costs NZ$25.00 to order a file without actually visiting the Archives in Wellington, I am happy to order same on any members’ behalf at no cost, if I receive a request. With the permission of the Turnbull Library and the Auckland War Museum, I am hoping to soon include my Microsoft Excel database of my work on this page. I am attaching my own very small database of manuscripts, postcards, letters etc which are my property and nothing to do with the Turnbull Library or Auckland War Museum. Please contact me if you have any questions. Kiwi Bob
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12 Responses to Excel File

  1. Peter M says:

    Sorry for delay in responding, got distracted by a Chrismas party. Everything looks okay this end Bob!

  2. David Colquhoun says:

    Looks good Bob. A small start to a big project!

  3. theshedlight says:

    Well done Bob, an excellent resource. Good luck and let me know if I can help with anything. Cheers, Owen.

  4. Mike says:

    Hi Bob, great to see the information you have gathered, I have a huge interest in WW1 and the people involved, only wish I did not have to work!, so I could spend time in the archives and maybe the turnbull library. I am fortunate that with my family many of the letters and details of family lost in WW1 were saved and I have them for reference. I visited many of their graves a few years ago. I do have some information on their friends, some who were killed or wounded at the same time, guys who went to school together etc. So one day I hope to spend time investigating these men as well. Id like to have time to view any war files on units my family were in, see if I can glean any more info. One relative was in the 2nd Australian Casualty Clearing station, were he died, I wonder if the Australian record hold details on patients? Anyway great to see someone interested in these “lost generations” and seeing them as people that did have lives.
    all the best,

    • Kiwi Bob says:

      Hello Mike
      My tahnks for your message!
      If you have not already had a reply to this please accept my sincere apologies, I keep finding messages in my WordPress “inbox” that I cannot find where I had replied. If this is the case with you please let me know and I am sorry if I am guilty. Best of luck with your work. Where was the Aussie Clearing Station? was it at Gallipoli?
      Best wishes
      Kiwi Bob
      Cheers Kiwi Bob

  5. Stan Jelley says:

    Sorry, I meant Column A not B.
    Stan J

    • Kiwi Bob says:

      Thanks for your contact Stan. I can expand the cell height myself but I will have to see what I can do for you. You may be able to select the contents and copy it into a word document. I wilol let you know.

  6. Helen Vail says:

    Great project Bob it is so important we carry out projects like this. I have a blog called 100NZMemorials.blogspot.com
    Some of the men I have recorded on my blog I notice you have on your excel sheet.

    How did you get started? I would love to know what you think of my blog.

    • Kiwi Bob says:

      Hello Helen. Thanks for your comments. I have quickly visited your Blog, it looks brilliant. I am in the process of replying to a number of other messages and will report back to you asap.
      Great work

    • Kiwi Bob says:

      Hello Helen
      What can you possibly think of me? I have not been able to find where I replied to you in the past and must apologise. I seem to have had a glitch a couple of years back in my WordPress inbox thingo and have failed to find messages sent to me at that time. I have just visited your beautiful blog and find it amazing and I intend to view it more asap. I note one mention of Nurse Cavell, I have from the Turnbull Library a very poor picture oif her grave taken shortlu after her death I will send it to you if you wish but you would need their OK to publish it.
      My research began when I purshased a small suitcase containing the letters and PCs sent home from Leslie Gower which you will find transcribed at the bottom of my opening page at robertcameron.wordpress.com To cut along story short I felt that his family did not care about him, i would se that he was remembered.
      If you wish to ad him to your stories I would be delighted.
      More later
      Cheers Kiwi Bob

  7. Hi
    I was having a look through your spreadsheet and came across a family member. I’m not sure if you interested in updating any of the biographical details or not.
    Mary Hutching

    • Kiwi Bob says:

      Hello Mary
      Have I responded to your message? if not I am so sorry, please let me know and I will make amends as I would love to keep things as accurate as possible.
      Best wishes Kiwi Bob

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